Video production services

Filming   Editing   Tape Transfer

Video production for Business

With a combined production experience of over 50 years, our creative team has the skills and know how to make sure we can give you the video production service that you can depend on every time.

Dance and school show video production

Wizard Video has now filmed over 20,000 shows since we started way back in 1987.
That is why we are the most trusted and sought after show filming service provider in the U.K.

Video to USB/DVD  transfers

We offer high quality transfers of your family VHS, mini DV & Hi-8 video tapes onto USB and DVD to preserve those precious memories of family and friends.

New streaming service

Our new On-Demand service allows our customers to download and stream shows direct to their smart devices.

Virtual School Tours

Filming for schools for over 35 years, Wizard has a unique understanding of what makes every school special.

Combined with our care and dedication to creating exceptional quality content, we take you every step of the way towards achieving the video tour your school deserves.


Don't miss capturing this years show

We have limited bubble/year group filming dates available. Enquire now.