Filming at the Lord Mayor’s Show

A fantastic, fun and frantic day was spent last Saturday filming the Lord Mayor’s Show with the “We Create Ideas” team! A wonderful and talented group that have designed and constructed a really breath-taking display. Inspired by far eastern Martial Arts films of the 70’s, the “King’s of Kung-Fu” float for Hong Kong really was quite […]

21 versatile uses of video for business

If you don’t use video for business these days you are missing out as search engines are hooking up to video content in a big way, boosting your search rankings.Video content is vital for conveying your key marketing, training and PR messages and reaching your customers on social networks. Your customers and prospects will always stay longer […]

Sail away with video marketing

I’ve just taken a week off to enjoy the beautiful scenery and weather of Croatia. If you’ve never been, I thoroughly recommend it for a lazy relaxing break. We stayed on the small island of Hvar. In late September the sea and skies were bright blue and the air temperature a balmy 24c everyday. After a day or […]