How to choose the best venue for your dance school show

Choosing a venue – points to consider.  Location, location, location, These days a wide variety of venues are available to hire from village halls to city centre theatres but it often comes down to a choice of two or, if you are really lucky three. Although the audience only need to access the theatre once, you […]

7 tips on how to survive backstage

Don’t forget these backstage guidelines to help the smooth running of the performance and keep everyone safe and happy. Patience can run thin at times of high stress so it’s important everyone knows and understands what the rules are before the show. Everyone should sign in when they arrive so you know they are there. […]

7 common costume disasters in school shows and how to avoid them.

The best laid plans sometimes fail to deliver so you want to do all you can to ensure your school shows run smoothly. Here’s a few costume mishaps that have occurred over the years in my school, some in school shows that we have filmed and even some in professional productions. 1. Black on Black […]

Producing the school show this year?

So what is going to be the theme of your school show this year? Stars, sheep or spacemen? Will you opt for the traditional Nativity with your best singers as angels with tinsel halos and tooth-less grins or will you be avant-garde and go for a space-age theme complete with a rocket using all the silver […]