Promoting your dance school business with video

If you are a dance school principal , life is hectic, especially if you have a family of your own to consider in addition to classes, exam sessions and shows. Probably most of your classes have reasonable class numbers but, here and there , there’s a few gaps. Classes you can’t cancel because there’s a handful […]

Obselete IT equipment will help schools in The Gambia

Over the years, like many companies, we have accumulated a fair quantity of old IT equipment like computers, screens & keyboards. Now I’m pleased to say it’s on it’s way to a new home in The Gambia. A local charity send container loads out to the schools which are desperately in need of even basic equipment […]

Did You Know?

Wizard Video applies Encryption software to all your school show DVDs and we do this for several different reasons. Protection from copying to social media Encryption means that the DVD cannot be copied by proud parents or family members hoping to add their child’s performance to social media websites for the whole world to watch, […]

After your Wizard school show filming, what happens next?

So after your school show filming, what happens once our camera operator has packed away his camera? Where do they go? What happens next?    Some of the recordings are on tape, some are on tapeless storage devices. Either way the footage has to be loaded onto one of our four edit suites . Then […]