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Editing a dance show at Wizard Video

The show is all over so quickly.
All that work is just a memory unless captured on video for you, your pupils and their families.

Wizard is especially skilled in filming choreography and providing a specialist dance school show filming service.

Patricia Ellis Wizard Video at The Royal Ballet School

Patricia Ellis

Patricia Ellis, Wizard’s MD, has been the Principal of her own RAD dance school for over 40 years, producing many dance school shows during that time so our team understand how to get the very best when dance school show filming and editing . See her speaking on our demo video below


Our FREE Dance School Show Filming Service

We aim for a perfect blend
At Wizard Video we know that you, the teacher, want a record of your choreography and the staging of each number – after all you’ve probably only seen it from the wings! The parents &  the children want to see themselves and their friends, so we film close ups of Babies up to Primary but wider shots to show the choreographic patterns of the senior students.


Capture the Magic with dance school show filming by Wizard Video

FREE Dance School Show Filming Service

Filming costs are covered through DVD sales to pupils, performers and their families.

The number of cameras at a show usually depends upon the complexity of choreography, number of performers & sales potential. All our HD cameras are broadcast standard. We record the sound by using a combination of radio mikes and taking a direct feed from your sound desk.

While pandemic restrictions apply, Wizard Video Productions are happy to film your classes in their bubble groups.

We have found that it works best if our camera operator and all our filming & sound equipment are set up in just one place e.g. School hall, theatre or even gymnasium. Each group are filmed in turn (and preferably in the order they will appear on the video!) allowing time in between to sanitize the area etc.

Filming in bubbles does take longer so our camera operators sometimes spend several hours fully masked up. It does help to get a breath of fresh air during the break between bubbles. Back at Wizard we edit the scenes into a smooth-running programme adding titles and credits (if wished) as usual. Teachers receive a preview copy to check all is in the correct order.

With the absence of an audience, many schools have decided to provide each child with a copy and build the cost into the school bill or charge to the families through parent pay.

Those schools that choose this option also find that there is less administration involved in this method than there was when dealing with (and chasing!) individual orders.

DIY filming

Several teachers film their classes themselves and send the footage to Wizard to edit and title. We then produce an HD download and/or DVDs if requested.

Please phone if you want to talk through any ideas you have for a production.


We tailor make each pricing package depending on how many children are involved, how long the filming and editing might take.

We are very happy to note your details and work out a costing without any obligation.

✔ We will send you a booking confirmation with forms to complete and a checklist to help with the filming process, followed by a sales pack with order forms, posters and payment slips to help you promote HD Download/DVD sales

✔ Title pages, covers and DVD face design are created to match the show programme and the theme

✔ We supply your DVD order direct to you and it will usually be fulfilled within five days of ordering!

Click on our FAQ page for even more details of our show filming service


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Photography services.

We are extremely excited to have partnered up with Rob Sambrook Photography.

Rob Sambrook Photography have over 30 years’ experience of supplying the education sector with high quality images. These include school and nursery portraits, website and marketing imagery, plus dance schools, proms and other events.

Current special offers for primary schools, when booking both your main school photos and a video.

1/2 price marketing photo shoot including the final edit of digital files.

Super Sibling Saver! Parents can purchase all their individual photos and sibling photos as downloads for just £19.99.

Click on the link below to view their website.




Promoting your Dance School
Not only is a Wizard Video DVD a lovely memento and teaching aid but a wonderful advertisement for your dance school show and classes, especially when we provide footage to display on your website and Facebook page.

wizard Video at The Barn Theatre



Wizard Video Productions has wide experience in filming the following:
stage, school concerts, plays, all dance forms, including ballet, pantomime, nativity, gymnastics, nursery, college, & west end productions.


Curtain UpCurtain Up e-book

Call us for a free copy of Curtain Up, an e-book guide to school show video production. We’ll walk you through producing a show. We give you tips on venue – space requirements, lighting, sound, performers, costumes and make-up. Whether Wizard are filming or you have arranged for a parent or member of staff to film, Wizard will then be pleased to arrange the duplication.