Over the years, like many companies, we have accumulated a fair quantity of old IT equipment like computers, screens & keyboards. Now I’m pleased to say it’s on it’s way to a new home in The Gambia. A local charity send container loads out to the schools which are desperately in need of even basic equipment like tables and chairs.Gambia Schools

If your company or school is being refurbished and has obsolete IT equipment or furniture please contact The Whitmore Trust  or myself so that items can be recycled. Here’s a couple of letters they’ve received from the African schools :

“I write to thank you for the donation of the following items to Bakadagy Upper Basic/Senior Secondary School – Five tables, ten chairs, two metal cupboards, one laptop  The donation of these items has helped the school greatly. Pateh Jallow, Principal.”

“I  write to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation (on behalf of Suduwol Basic Cycle School) for receiving forty ECD (Early Child Development) chairs, forty library chairs, and one steel cabinet.   The gesture came at a time when the school was faced with acute shortage of school furniture because of enrolment increase.