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If you are a dance school principal , life is hectic, especially if you have a family of your own to consider in addition to classes, exam sessions and shows. Probably most of your classes have reasonable class numbers but, here and there , there’s a few gaps. Classes you can’t cancel because there’s a handful of faithful pupils but in all honesty they are not making a profit . If only you could boost the numbers…..

You’ve probably pinned a timetable, listing all your classes, to the noticeboard but does anybody read it properly? Thought not! Even if they do have they any understanding of what jazz funk or Adult tappers actually entails? Why not show them by filming a few minutes of each class and assemble a montage of shots? Maybe add a few short interviews from the pupils themselves and the teachers too. If the editing is too daunting, send the footage to us at Wizard Video Productions and we will add a little Wizard Magic and a title or two to give your dance school brand a really professional look.

You could even make a special video for the Babies class so that nervous newbies could see for themselves what goes on in the world of ‘Good toes and naughty toes’

Watching the senior classes in action could inspire the junior pupils too.

The resulting video can be played in your reception and of course added to your website and Facebook page.

Once you’ve made a video you will think of 101 uses and applications.Tutus

Not only will your students be more aware of all the classes you offer in your dance school but so will their friends as everybody loves being a ‘star’ on screen.