Wizard Video applies Encryption software to all your school show DVDs and we do this for several different reasons.

encryption on DVDs

Protection from copying to social media

Encryption means that the DVD cannot be copied by proud parents or family members hoping to add their child’s performance to social media websites for the whole world to watch, without your express permission (even if they only did it so that Grandma in Guildford could see).

Of course if YOU want to add some, or all, of your show footage to your school website we can supply you with an un-encrypted disc or even edit a short montage for you to upload yourself. After all it is YOUR show!

Protection from un-authorised Copying

Your DVDs also have encryption so that they cannot be duplicated by enterprising family members hoping to make copies for all their friends. Of course we know the parents at your school wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing, but you, as teachers, want to sell as many as you possibly can, not only to achieve the minimum sales you have guaranteed, but also to best benefit from any commission option you may have requested.

When un-authorised copying is attempted, any of a number of possible error messages may appear or you may be presented with a blank or frozen screen and as such it may be assumed that you have a faulty disk. However, although encrypted copies should still play on the vast majority of DVD players and PCs, once in a while you may find that a parent has a genuine problem playing the disk. Not a problem, just ask them to return the DVD to us so that we can test it and send a working, encrypted, replacement.

Our commitment to your security

Wizard Video is, as always, committed to providing you with a great product whilst maintaining the security that your schools child protection policies require. As such all our camera operators are CRB checked and we guarantee only sell your show DVDs to members of your school/cast. To achieve this, we usually prefer to supply the discs to the school direct, giving the teachers full control over the distribution of the programme.

We feel that the encryption software applied to your disks is an extension of that commitment.