Video Editing facilities

We don’t just film video – we edit video too! So if you have already shot your footage but are finding the video editing process rather daunting or you want to make a change and update to an existing video, give us a ring on  01428 682896 or send us an email to We will be pleased to advise on approximate costs and availability.

Video editing

Adding some Wizard magic to your video edit.

We only charge by the hour so whether you need 1 or 21 hours of edit time we can accommodate and even throw in (when you are allowed to visit) a free cup of coffee. With three on-site edit suites running Adobe Premiere Pro we always have the resources to turn round projects on time and against the clock when required.

Send us your footage by You’ll find our editors –  David,  James,  and Tim are very helpful. You can give us your instructions and we’ll just get on with making your video just the way you had imagined. Our skilled video editors can transform your footage into a seamless, blended and pixal perfect render of your project with subtle edits and transitions, titling and audio enhancement.



Had you thought of adding stills or slides to your finished programme? We can do that too.
Voiceover and music can be arranged if required.wizard mugs

We accept various video formats and can output footage depending on your needs whether for download, on demand or web or mobile. We can also provide on location filming and video editing when required. We also provide drone filming to add an extra sparkle to your production.

Additional services

To complement our filming and editing we also have full production facilities in-house for video to USB transfer, DVD duplication, printing, packaging and fulfilment services.