Whether you need video production for training or marketing videos
or seminar and event filming,  we can help – just like this………..

We now have a whole new website dealing specifically with your Corporate Video needs: it’s called: wizardcorporatevideo.co.uk so visit now for tips and advice on your next project.

Why do our clients choose Wizard Video?

After all there’s a lot of video companies out there so what makes us different?

When beginning any project it’s important to know you have a video production team on board that are easy to work with and that’s what our clients think about us.

We don’t have fixed ideas but will work with you and adapt ideas and budget to suit. You are always welcome at Wizard Video to be there to help shape the final edit because no-one knows your subject better than you do. Of course we will suggest and try creative ideas too but the final decision is yours.

We want to make videos that help you grow your business

Our dynamic and friendly camera crews and editing/production staff are able to provide consultation and deliver your corporate video project on time and at the highest standard.

We supply single or multiple camera crews and with our experience and versatility we always provide the perfect solution for all aspects of corporate video filming including: Product/promotional films – Service based videos – Training films – Event and location shoots.

On location filming for Dog Detectives

On location filming for Dog Detectives

Pre-production support

Why is pre-production vital? The most important part of any video production for business lies in its planning. The pre-production stage can flag up any technical issues with your objectives, iron out the details for the shoot and ultimately ensure that your budget and energy  goes into the video production itself and not firefighting during filming. We can assist you through all of the elements of post production including:

  • Storyboarding
  • Concept development/scripting
  • Location advice and preparation
  • Lighting and sound


filming for business video equipment

We have multiple HD camera rigs on site adaptable to any video production requirement. We have a comprehensive selection of grip including tracking, dollys, glide cam and portable gibs.

Editing facilities

We don’t just film video – we edit video too! So if you have already shot your footage but are finding the video editing process rather daunting or you want to make a change and update to an existing video, pop in and see us.

Video editing

Adding some Wizard magic to your video edit.

We charge by the hour so whether you need 1 or 21 hours of edit time we can accommodate and even throw in (well not literally!) a free cup of coffee. With five on-site edit suites running Adobe Premiere Pro we always have the resources to turn round projects on time and against the clock when required.

Our offices are only 5 minutes from A3 at Milford and we have plenty of easy parking on site.
We are even opposite a lovely country pub.

You’ll find our editors, David,  James, and Tim are very easy to work with or if you prefer not to sit in and watch you can leave us your instructions and we’ll just get on with making your video just the way you had imagined. Our skilled video editors can transform your footage into a seamless, blended and pixal perfect render of your project with subtle edits and transitions, titling and audio enhancement.

Had you thought of adding stills or slides to your finished programme? We can do that too.
Voiceover and music can be arranged if required.

DVD Duplication

To compliment our filming and editing we also have full production facilities in-house for DVD duplication, printing, packaging and fulfilment services.

David Gordon

Corporate Enquiries

Call now to discuss your project and to arrange a no obligation consultation with our video for business manager David Gordon.