Would you love to watch your old family video tapes again on TV?


Here’s a great opportunity to transfer all of your old but cherished videos to DVD.
To have all your family videos transferred from VHS or Hi-8 to this neat format will mean you can throw out that old video player at last and store all of your material in 5% of the space!

DVDs  (or USB memory sticks- please see below) of your old tapes make great Christmas, Birthday and Anniversary presents for all the family so sort those tapes out now and send them to us as soon as possible at:

Wizard Video Productions Ltd

Petworth Road

Witley, Near Godalming,

Surrey   GU8 5LX

If you are local to us and want to drop the tapes off safely without any need to come into the building,
please send us an email to info@wizardvideo.co.uk or ring 01428 682896 to arrange when to call as there may be times when the office is closed.

Do NOT include payment as we will contact you for payment when the job is done.

How much does video to DVD transfer cost?

video to DVD transfer SurreyThe price reduces depending on how many tapes you need transferring. We will produce 1 DVD per tape in a plastic wallet unless otherwise arranged. All prices include VAT

1-8 master tapes £15 each

9-19 master tapes £12 each

20 + master tapes £10 each

Plus postage depending on volume

EXTRA DVD copies only £3.50 each!



We now offer transfer from video to USB memory stick –

TRANSFER TO USB  Memory Stick Price list

Price also includes 1 DVD per tape in clear plastic wallet

1-8 master tapes £20 each

9-19 master tapes £17 each

20 + master tapes £15 each

You can supply your own USB stick or Hard Drive or we can supply a USB stick for

8 GB – £8

16 GB – £10

32 GB – £12

64 GB  – £15

cost depends on size needed to hold all the footage on your tapes.

ALL PRICES on this page include VAT but not postage

So sort out your old tapes and turn your family video into DVDs. Please note that our service is for ‘home movies’ only.
Commercially bought videos are subject to copyright and therefore any sent with a request for copying from video to DVD will be returned.

Please also note that we are unable to convert cine film to DVD – Sorry!